Opt-80 Higher Cure and Lower Relapse Rates

According to [1], top-line results of Optimer’s phase III Opt-80 study are demonstrating higher cure rates and lower relapse rates when compared to vancomycin.

Cure Rates Similar

If you ask me, the cure rates were similar (88% versus 86%), but this is still fantastic news.  Currently, there are two antibiotics being widely used to treat C Diff: Vancomycin/Vancocin and Metronidazole/Flagyl.  If the FDA approves Opt-80/PAR-101, there will be three that are widely used.  With the increase in antibiotic resistant strains of C Diff being found this is could be huge.  Think about the person who is battling C Diff right now and getting no response from either vancomycin or metronidazole.  Now, they’ll have another chance with a new antibiotic that is being shown to be an effective cure for C Diff.

Relapses Reduced

Even better news is that the study is showing that the relapse rates associated with Opt-80 are much lower than those associated with vancomycin (15% versus 25%).  I, like so many of you who have emailed me, had great results with the existing antibiotics.  However, it seemed that everytime I tapered off of the antibiotic, I would very quickly get the whole cycle started again with a new bout of C Diff.  Here again, with Opt-80, I see great promise in having another antibiotic option that may prevent relapses for some people.


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  • Zendia Duarte -

    I just want to know if its curable or do you live with it for life and just maintenance it off with antibiotics from time to time, if that even makes sense. I am currently being treated for cdiff and would like more info on personal and household hygiene for it and what disinfectants are recommended and also what I can do t avoid spreading to my loved ones,any help would be greatly appreciated.

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