How long does C Diff last?

I am not a physician and you shouldn’t use this as advice.  Seek your own qualified physician’s advice for curing C Diff.

“How long does C Diff last?”

I’ve been asked this question many times and can relate.  Most colds and flu’s go away on their own in 2-3 weeks.  So, the first time you get C Diff your thought is, ok how long is this going to last?  Then, there are others who have been dealing with C Diff for months or longer…how much longer will their C Diff last?

Most People Will Have it Easy

The answer is tricky and not fun.  Typically you go on antibiotics after you are diagnosed.  The antibiotics (metronidazole, vancomycin, or whatever your physician prescribes) will last usually 10-14 days .  At this point, you’ll find that 80-85% of patients will be fine.  So, for most people it’ll appear to only last a week or two.  I say “appear” because there is an unknown number of people who will harbor C Diff in their colon or small intestine after that with NO SYMPTOMS.  So, is it over for them?   I was one of those people and a year later when I took amoxicillin for a cold (dumb idea) the symptoms of C Diff came back in full force and I tested positive again!

Some Will Take A Little Longer

So, for the 15-20% who relapse you go on antibiotics for 10-14 days again, or you may find physicians using the tapering method.  This is where your physician might ask you to go on antibiotics for a week or so, and slowly taper down the strength or amount of antibiotics over a month or so.  You may also be asked to try a pulsing method which is similar except you might take antibiotics every other day while tapering down to lower levels of antibiotics.   So, these methods will vary in time, so let’s assume it takes another 30 days.   Now we’re up to what, 45 days?

A Few Will Have a Long Battle

Well, you may stop the symptoms there, or you may be one of the 65% of patients who relapse AGAIN.  Yup, 65% of patients who relapse once are likely to relapse multiple times[1].  So, people who make it to this point just don’t know when it will be over.  I was one and it isn’t fun.  But, you cannot give up!

So, there we have it.  It’s not a very clear answer, but most people will be without symptoms in a few weeks.  At the other end of the spectrum, you may dealing with this a while.  But, you cannot give up on pursuing treatment.  C Diff is deadly serious, but the vast majority of people will find a good end to C Diff.   (check out the “what works” page)

No One Cares About Your Health More Than You Do

I believe that no one cares more about your health than you do.  YOU need to persist in finding your cure until you get it.  Keep going back to physicians and going to new ones.  Question them, and don’t give up.

I am not a physician and you shouldn’t use this as advice of any kind.  Seek your own qualified physician’s advice for curing C Diff.


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  • Gretchen -

    I had surgery on may 17 and had slight loose stools during my recovery a week or so after. Oral antibiotics were prescribed after surgery as well as bactraban cream on the site. I am still having diarrhea today and it doesn’t seem to let up. Stopped oral antibiotics about a week and half ago. I go to bathroom about 5-6 times a day. Def after I eat. Abdominal cramps, tired, sleep very late. Lethargic feeling. I have started the BRAT diet to try bland foods but I still have loose stools. I have been incontact with doc over the phone bc I am out of state. He suggested it may be c diffs. I researched it and I have much of the symptoms. I started a probiotic about 4 days ago. Do y’all know if I have gut/colon problems in my genes, if I’m more susseptable to getting this? My mom had colitis and sister has chrons disease. I’m a little
    Scared this won’t go away. Again, not medically diagnosed as I am out of state but seem to he the symptoms. Looking for help, insight, relief. Thank you

  • Matthew S -

    I am in my early fortys. I have a wife and a two year old. The entire family had strep in late march. Doctor put me on antibiotics. Things were okay until 2 weeks ago. Uncontrol diarrhea for 14 solid days. Going 5 to 9 times a day. Not a lot comes out but just have that urge to go. Finally got the testing and antibiotic 3 times a day for ten days. How do I manage the uncomfortable feeling and then the sudden urge. 20 minutes of trying painfully and just a little movement. Very soar and raw down there.
    How long does this go on for???? How do u stay focus at work? Driving home and a sudden urge comes on what then? Family coming over this weekend and how do u handle all of the questions.

    Any advice would be great.

  • Barb -

    I am about 5 days in to my first round of Flagyl. I have been to the ER twice for severe abdominal pain. Any ideas on how long this pain will go on?????

    • Larry Launer -

      I’m going on day 5 also , cramps are brutal but it appears to be a side effect of the flagyl ,most of my c diff issues resolved after a couple days , now I have the brain fog and cramps , mainly at night , I know this stuff is brutal

  • Dee Gorman -

    I have had c-diff on and off for the past year-and-a-half I was hospitalized quarantine for a week when they diagnosed me with it gave me antibiotics and then it went away went dormant but now it is back again it’s very painful you cannot leave the bathroom you have to stay around your house they were talking about cutting out part of my intestine but now I have no insurance to get anything taken care of I hope and pray it goes away but I know if my stomach swells up like I’m 9 months pregnant and I’ve gained weight with c.diff I cannot wear the clothes I used to wear I have to wear loose-fitting clothes around my stomach because of the swelling I don’t wish this on anyone I just need help with it I want it to go away

  • Eloise -

    Yesterday a nurse practitioner asked how my c-diff was. I said what c dif. She said I tested positive in December. My uncle Oertel had c dif before he died 1 1/2 years ago and I was there so much. Humm.
    IBecause I had hysterectomy in ’78. I’ve had IBS. and colitis and every name they’ve called it since. The symptoms are so similar. Now I’m on metronidazole and praying to not have an allergic reaction. I have about 14 Med allergies. In a way it’s great to finally have a diagnostics. It’s not so comforting to see it can come back again and again. Anyone have a Great success story!?

  • C. Alexander -

    I am 42 This is my first experience with C Diff. I had my gallbladder removed. It was just a routine simple out patient same day procedure, Then on Easter the diarrhea hit! I was supposed to return to work but that was a no go. Saw my Surgeon on Tuesday and found out yesterday that I have C Diff! I am currently on a 10 day course of Flagyl. Before my surgery I was hardly eating without getting nausea and having abdominal pain, the surgery (2 weeks ago exactly) helped the abdominal pain but my word I would take the nausea over C Diff this sucks! I want to go back to work on Monday!

  • Jamie James -

    I stepped on something at work and my foot got infected. The doctor put me on Clindamycin. Two weeks later I had severe diarrhea. This lasted for 2 weeks until I went to ER. They diagnosed me with colitis. They put me on Metronidazole and cipro. I got better but it returned with a vengeance. My pcp did a still sample and I was positive with C Diff. I am on Metronidazole again. I poop so much it burns. I am praying it gets better. I cramp at times so bad I cry. I can barely work and I worry all night about the next day. I have loss 18 pounds. I am a 38 year old male. I am now taking a probiotic. I’ve learned milk is a no no. I pray you all find relief. I am still praying I find mine.

  • Brent R -

    I was in the hospital being treated for lymphatic issues and was on heavy hitting antibiotics for 15 days. The day after discharge my abdominal hurt to barely even touch. Then the diarrhea. Within 4 days I was back in the hospital with c diff. After 2 days my kidneys began to fail. I was hospitalized for 11 days being given oral vanco and then (not to be gross) they also gave me vanco enemas. They were going to take my colon. But I started to improve.

    I have UC to begin with. And have an immunodeficiency issue. So my situation is probably not like everyone else. I’ve now been on vanco taper for a month. Today was my last day and the fear that I feel about relapse are insane.

    I have been taking the recommended probiotics. And kefir. And have been eating gluten and dairy free products only. So I am praying for no relapse.

    The diet change did help. I can tell a difference. But do not just take any probiotics. Some can make it worse because of the lactic acid build up. So do your research.

    Hoping for a day when this is all behind me. Good luck everyone.

  • Justin M -

    I had first gotten my wisdom tooth removed and was prescribed medicine to prevent any infections (clindamycin) & my body was not reacting well with the antibiotic. Was having really bad diahrea, gas and such horrible stomache & abdonimable pain. I couldnt even do my job properly at work bc of the constant trips to the bathroom. (Luckily there was disinfectant spray- which always should be found in any washroom). So i visited the doctors, I took a stool test & shortly after my birthday I got a call from the doctors & was diagnosed with C. Diff. By then I was just like “my life is over” , I just turned 20 and this was deff not a great way to start my 20’s.. at the time all i wanted to be was 10 again to have my mom hug me and tell me everything was going to be okay. It’s such a scary thing to deal with just like any other illness. Furthermore, I was given a round of flagyl, wasnt doing much for a about week until finally the pain lessened. After a whole month of struggling to eat, to sleep, & being scared that i wasn’t going to get any better. I was praying, hoping for that light at the end of the tunnel. My family thought i was overreacting at times.. but they don’t know what its like. I was feeling so vulnerable and alone. I was becoming depressed.. Finally this week I was beginning to feel more like myself, seeing some brightnessI still have pain and diarrhea, but it isnt as severe as it was. I still continue to pray to help me get rid of it… Lastly, I just want to say to everyone who knows what I’m going through to just constantly remind yourself you will be okay! Now is the time you need to take to reflect on yourself, do not let this infection defeat you! Research, see as many specialists/doctors as much as you can and become aware of making yourself healthy physically and mentally. Juat want to say, Stay positive and i’ll be praying for all you guys so that we can all find that light. Continue to be strong & I’m hoping to get better and im hoping you guys will to. You are not alone.

  • Theresa Tackett -

    I was just diagnosed with Cdiff a few weeks ago my 2nd time i just finished vanco. I don’t have a doctor appointment until April 11. My issue now is I am still having diarrea and most of the time it just comes with no warning i have to wear a brief because it is so bad. This is so frustrating .

    • Robin -

      I’m with u. I feel like it’s never going g to end. I prey for u & me.please feel free to email me. I could use a friend who understands.

  • A.R -

    Hi my daughter got c diff infection n she starts taking metronidazole 8 days ago for it but today she clog the toilet my younger one didn’t know she flashed it n practically she got contaminated ,she already took a really good shower my question is will she get c diff 2 ?I’m worry

    • Trying to Help -

      Maybe she should take Probiotics prophalacyically? I just got diagnosed last week and read a lot. There is a probiotic named Florastor which I ordered from Target. It has a strain of bacteria that is supposed to help strengthen your guy affinity C Diff in healthy people. That’s what I’d suggest.

  • Tim Smith -

    Last year I had a leg amputated (just above the knee) and moved into a nursing home. I then started on several antibiotics for the infection. Well, needless to say C-Diff came roaring into my life!! They then (after 4 months) decided that probiotics would help. They helped for about a week then back to the grind. I moved out of there and within a day and a half it was gone!! Havent had it since either. Was told ANY foods will cause this if not prepared correctly. So, just a little insight for those currently suffering, make sure to eat well prepared foods. This may help.

  • Brian Torres -

    I was diagnosed with cdiff on Sunday the 12th. I went to the ER with terrible lower abdomen pain and painful bowel movements. I got it from taking antibiotics for tonsillitis which returned twice and just over did it. I’ve been on flagyl for 4 of 14 days and my symptoms have stopped. I never once had fever or nausea or vomiting, I’m 25 by the way, not sure if that makes a difference. I did however experience sever pain when going to the bathroom, usually as it left my intestines. I am taking 2 10billion probiotic pills a day, something simple purchased at my local super market. I don’t do milk as it already upsets my stomach and I have introduced foods quicker than I should have, just trying to see if symptoms or something return. Our bodies are all different so try and figure out what works best for you.

  • BonsaiTreeGardener -

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  • Gabriella stevens -

    I really am touched by the stories I have read here and wish wellness for everyone. I was introduced to c diff after taking doxycycline for a. Cyst. My symptoms were atypical in part due to IBS meds. I had chills, severe lower left abdominal pain, no appetite, could not eat food, constipation, and excessive gas. I had accidents on myself which was mainly mucous. My pcp will thought it was c diff but I could not get her a sample. My gastro disregarded me and told me to take Donnatal. I ended up in hospital for close to 5 days. Been on vanco for a week. Still have some symptoms but am starving. I can’t eat real food yet. Lost 7 pounds in about a month. Did anyone else have bizarre symptoms like this? I am attempting to go back to work but live in fear of a relapse. As a result of this I have some form of colitis and have no idea if it will ever go away. Thank you!

    • Lucille kujawa -

      I was in the hospital 5 days with CDiff. They did not diagnose it until the 4 th day since it didn’t show up in a stool sample. They did a colonoscopy( the prep was torture) and took samples that showed it 2 days later. I had horrible chills, fever, dehydration, stomach pain, dizziness, nausea. I have finished the first 14 days of vacomycin and now am on 2 weeks if only 2 a day. I do feel better. My appetite is back, the bad diarrhea is gone, though I am not back to normal. I find I am still rather weak and tire very easily even though I have been out of the hospital close to 3 weeks. Were you weak and tired too? Did it take a long time fir biwel habits to return to normal?

  • Connie Simmons -

    I have Systemic Lupus and get sick very easily. It started in Nov. When I came out of remission, then I got strep throat and was put on antibiotics, then the 26th of Dec. I got the stomach flu, then New Years Eve I got bronchitis, I got a shot and oral antibiotics, got worse got another antibiotic, was then diagnosed with c-diff. I did a full prescription of flagyl then was tested again and tested positive, was then placed on vancomycin. I have three days left on it and I know I still have it. I’m so frustrated. Dealing with Lupus is bad enough but this stuff is horrible and has me drained. I’m so weak.

    • Lynn -

      Hi Connie, soo sorry to hear this, I also have Lupus and have Cdiff now, due to antibiotics for 3 infections. Its so hard to live each day with Lupus and this added is just horrible!!! So wish they would find some cure for Lupus, I also had a pacemaker,defibrillator placed in March and have long QT so cant be on some Lupus meds which is not many out there as it is, only on prednisone now for the lupus and hoping to go back on the Methotrexate eventually since I was off for 3 months and have alot of joint and muscle pain and trouble walking, my whole body aches, So hate all this medication, I work full time and it is so hard to get through a day and with all these meds its like a full time job, well hope you feel better soon,sending hugs and prayers to you, gotta keep the faith!!!!

  • Donna -

    Just finished 14 days of vancomycin, how long do you have to be off to take a stool sample and not have the antibiotic affect results.

    • Margie o -

      Are there any happy success stories out there? I’ve been on Flagyl for a week and not feeling much better but maybe I’m hoping for too much too soon. Is it worth my time to make up an appointment with a gastroenterologist?

  • Rachel E Barrett -

    I was hospitalized 12/13/2016-12/23/2016 with CDiff. I went back in 01/04/2017-1/11/2017 with relasp of CDiff. I am still have CDiff symptoms after two rounds of flagly and two rounds of vancomycin. I had a test on Friday for CDiff to see if I’m still fighting. I ended up with a blood clot from all the IVs in the hospital I don’t think I am ever gonna get over CDiff!

  • Dawn Warren -

    I was hospitalized 12/27/16-12/31/16, diagnosed with c diff and colitis. Have been on Vancomycin 4x daily since. I have NO energy, just started eating soup. I’ve lost 20 lbs. My ques. now I have a head cold and am running a low grade fever 100 degrees. Should I be concerned. Thank you. By the way, I have a post hospital follow up the day after tomorrow. Sincerely, Dawn

  • Joshua Lariviere -

    Spent Christmas Day in bed will extreme abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting, and horrible diarrhea I would never wish on any being. Went to the ER as I was dehydrated and needed IV fluids. I was diagnosed with C Diff the next day and started in the Flagyl I was prescribed. Within days I felt better, but by New Years all symptoms came back full fledged! I had to go back to the ER for more IV fluids where I was told the C Diff relapsed and was put on Vanco which I’ve been taking for a week. At this point I am so discouraged due to the fact that I still have symptoms of occasional diarrhea and nausea with stomach cramps but most of ALL is the weakness, fatigue, and mind fog. As an electrical contractor who is usually on the go, to be sidelined for feeling too weak to put the tools on, it’s destroying me mentally as well. I’ve had mood swings, and am now depressed, discouraged, and stressed out as my business is suffering right along with me. Being weak doesn’t pay the bills! Is there any freakin relief in sight?!?!

    • Lauren Jones -

      The thing that helped me after battling for years with C Diff was drinking goat milk kefir. It’s sold at Whole Foods. It sounds crazy but it worked quickly to help repopulate my gut with new healthy bacteria. I drank a cup 2x daily for several weeks until symptoms stopped and now have it only a few times a week to stay healthy. I hope this helps you get healthy!

    • Annabel Bixby -

      Don’t know if your symptoms went away but after 9 months with cdiff, l decided that weakness and fatigue are symptoms of cdiff! They will go away. Good luck..

    • Lucille kujawa -

      I feel your pain. I too still feel weak and tired after 2 weeks on 4 vacomycin a day and a week on 2 a day. I still am using the restroom more often than normal and do get cramping before . Everyone keeps telling me this will be a long recovery, but it is hard to be patient. I hope we both get well soon.

  • Tami -

    So glad found this site. Ive been dealing with cdiff few months now.. its been so hard as you.all know. Everyday has been a struggle an the weakness an brain fog is unreal. I cant even drive. Im 9 days off 2nd round of vanco. Trouble eating many foods, depressed,weak an lost 23 lbs . I pray nightly for Gods healing, i cant wait.

    • madison -

      i am miserable. i started Flagyle on Friday and i am still experiencing body pain, stomach pain, and diarrhea, i have had CDIFF before but this time i am trying to treat it from home. i am so discouraged

  • Laura -

    I have been off the vancomycin for 6 weeks, but still experience diarrhea, frequent need to use the bathroom, and weight loss. I’ve lost over 60 lbs. since this whole ordeal started in August with intestinal parasites, which led to a hospital stay, which led to C diff. Is there any end in sight for this disease??? I am so depressed and discouraged.

  • Gina Koscielak -

    Merry Christmas Eve! So happy to find this site. It’s actually current! I’m 38 and have had C DIFF for 4 1/2 months. I was on vancomycin for about 3 1/2 months. I have been off of it now almost 3 weeks. Had about 4 days I felt descent. Then I took a turn back to all the same symptoms as before. C DIFF is the devil. I also have microscopic colotis. Unfortunately, it causes same symptoms as c DIFF. My GI said it’s either c DIFF isn’t cured, I’ve developed postinfectious IBS, it’s my small intestine giving me issues because of gallbladder being removed, or this is the “new me”.

    Has anyone else had this happen? I did another stool test on Wednesday. It’s hard staying positive with this misery.

    • Deborah McCool -

      I am now going on my 3rd month with C-Diff. Finished my antibiotic, but still symptomatic. I am using a probiotic and eating yogurt, but it doesn’t seem to help. I also had my gallbladder removed just before it, and brought the C-Diff home with me from the hospital, I seem to be a prisoner in my own house, because I am afraid I’ll get caught, when I’m out, and I don’t want to deal with that. Am I doomed to wear depends. Should I go back to the ID Doctor? Any help? Thanks!

  • Mary Carlisle -

    I have chrons on top of c diff. C diff now for 5 months. Not much is working. In bed tired in pain all the time. I chew on fresh ginger pieces to help with the nausea. Heating pad for the cramping helps also. Drink everything at room temp. Cold stuff seems to add to more cramping and discomfort. I try to rest as much as I can. Sleep when the kids are in school because I know the rest of the day is long and hard. They need my full attention. Eat smaller more frequent meals when I can. But no I’m not really hungry at all. Force some protein just for some nutrition and energy. Good luck all..God bless. Its a long hard road and it is still far from over for me. Waiting for another test stool to come back to see if I still have it. Wish me luck. Because I still feel like sh*t!!

    • Deborah McCool -

      I too get very tired, and the cramps are awful…I have dropped 15 lbs, which I needed to, but now have no appetite, and everything tastes like cardboard!

  • Kay don burke -

    My husband is 81 and just got over cDiff he had a hip replacement in July after that he never got to come home for 4 months. On top of this he has Parkinson’s. While in hospital doing rehab for hip replacement he got pneumonia. Then he went septic then he had cDiff being in hospital 33 days THE put him in nursing home rehab. There for 1 week and I his wife knew he needed to be home. I got home pt we was home 1 week then back to hospital for 2. Weeks then back to nursing home rehab 4 weeks back home for 4. Days then back to hospital 1 week back home 3 more days then back to hospital then a fecal transplant back to nursing home for 3 weeks. We r home now 35 lbs lighter and doing home pt. He’s having problems with balance walking and confusion. Please someone tell me this will get better

  • Donna Tarasovich -

    I was diagnosed with cdif after I started vomiting with terrible stomach aches diarrhea with blood. It started Saturday night & by Monday I was still having cramping with blood. I got an emergency appt with my dr on Tuesday. He had me do a stool testing which took 9. Days for results to come back meanwhile he had me on a brat diet but although the bleeding stopped I continued with diarrhea . He has me on Vancomyicin 125 mg 4 CSS a day for 14 days & NO insurance didn’t cover . The best price I got was Walmart $650.00 . Wow ! Thanks to credit cards but timing is bad with Christmas in 3 weeks. My last pill will be Saturday but I am very nervous as I have several areas on inside that feels like sores (. Tenderness ) I don’t know what happens next , another stool check ? But that takes so long to come back that I worry if it is not all gone will it give it a chance to get out of control ? I have to say this really has affected me in my head . I still can’t believe I have this. What are the follow up steps have others done & what about your diet after . I have been eating some yogurt but I am lactose intolerant so I don’t eat more than a couple teaspoons at a time , not sure if that’s enough . Any thoughts ?

    • Thomas -

      Yes cdiff lasted 4 mos. for me and still sick this can last a year my doctors told me . Even though my test is negative he it will lingers long time

    • Len Sokoloff -

      Stool sample taken in the AM – had the positive results for c diff my 5 PM that same day – started the antibiotics that evening. Suggest you push your doctor/lab to get you the results quicker.

      • Nancy -

        I used it as well, I didn’t go through my insurance, got liquid vanco for $65 at cvs. Fourth day, no relieve. Very nauseated, barely eat. ER two nights ago. They rehydrated me and sent me home, felt better for one day. Second round of vanco, hoping this does it. Cannot accomplish anything. Just want to sleep and constantly nauseated.

    • Deborah McCool -

      Why did your stool sample take so long. I handed it in late Friday afternoon, and it came back postive on Monday morning. BTW, the Doctor told me once you are positive, you remain positive for the rest of your life.

    • Pam Bowman -

      Can your stool test be done at your local hospital’s lab ? With an order from your Dr
      Mine was don’t at my local hospital lab because my Dr said it is much faster
      He had results in 3 hrs after I dropped stool sample off at lab

    • Sharon Jones -

      I was hospitalized after 6 to 7 days of being lethargic, no appetite, diarrhea and chills. I stayed four days in the hospital, after two ER visits. When I was discharged I took another 14 days of vancomycin, because of allergy to Flagyl. About ten to twelve days after stopping vanco, I started back with diarrhea, fever, pain, etc…went back on vanco for 14 days. Then, again I relapsed with abdominal pain radiating to my back, lethargic and diarrhea. But, my C-diff stool test came back negative, which is interesting and confusing. I am seeing a GI doctor now and if this last test came back positive, he was going to do fecal microbiota transplant. So, I am awaiting what the next step is. I assume he will do a colonoscopy/EGD to see if I have damage or permanent colitis. I continue to have low appetite, lost 20 pounds, loose stools and abdominal pain radiating to my back continues. So, I wait….I would not wish C-diff on my best or worst enemy. It is brutal. Is life-changing. It is debilitating. Wishes for everyone to get well.

      • Barbara Jean -

        I just read your message an I was wondering if you ever had the fecal transplant? An if so did it work? I’ve been dealing with cdiff over 3 months now been on 3 rounds of flagyl which didn’t help now Doctor is putting me on a different type that will last 6 weeks not sure of the name I haven’t picked it up yet just hoping it doesn’t make me sick like flagyl did. I’ve been so depressed an I hate looking at myself cause I have lost about 12 pds I’m not a big person anyway an people keep saying I’m getting to skinny I haven’t told anyone I have this other than my family because I’m embarrassed I feel like if they know I have it they won’t want to be around me I feel dirty an I know I’m not a dirty person I’ve lost muscle an my skin looks like its sagging I’m 47 an I feel like I’m 80 I’ve always kept myself up anymore I really feel like I don’t care. I pray this new med will work for me an I hope everything worked out for you an you are feeling back to normal

  • T AK -

    Gets even better as you “appear” to carry on with malabsorptions (either from damage to the intestines from the infection, or from excessively rapid movement of food through….” Cases can go from speedy bowel movements over to continuously more and more constipated over a period of months………

  • T AK -

    Doctors often do not listen to concerns on intestinal movement or constipations, especially if stool samples show “normal amounts” or “slightly elevated” amounts of c.diff…. Risk being told it is “all in your head”.

  • Judy Stenoien -

    I had c-dif, for the first time ever and pray that it will never come back. My hemoglobin went down to 4 and pota. 2.
    After treatment of meds., I lost my sense of taste and people are afraid of me. I’m
    Clean, caught this from being on anti-biotics for months. Tomorrow I see the Dr.
    and hope I’m cleared.


  • Laura -

    I got diagnosed with c diff 6 weeks ago after having very bad watery stools.and Rapids weight loss 2.5 stone in 4 weeks. I had 3 weeks of antibiotics. I have been sent to have a camera but have to wait 4 weeks for an urgent appointment???? I have lost a further .5 stone. I’m struggling to look after my 9 weeks baby sooo fed up feel like they are doing nothing to help me

    • Monica Milem -

      I have fought for Five month dropping from 175lbs to 113lbs but I learned to switch my diet quickly it is hard not to cry about it but I will give advice for the pain that has worked which I am and always have been against taking the indica strain of pot in tiny doses like four drags of a joint I hate smoking but I’m not running to the restroom throwing up 65 times a day or having diarrhea barely, begging god to have mercy on my body . I can work and life is liveable I crave vinegar flavors all the time to.

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  • mary lee -

    2 times in hospital and 6 years apart. 2 cases of C-diff. Gee where did I catch it. First time I was treated with Vanco at $1900.00 co-pay……thank God for credit card. 2nd time in hospital and getting a nasty case of c-diff I was put on Rx that cost $6.00. and the drug is working. At least my knee replacement worked.

    • Pam Bowman -

      Did you get cdiff while in the hospital for a knee replacement ? I did also in October 2916 , still battling it was diagnosed in December

  • Ladd Poitra -

    I was hospitalized in February for 22 days, I’ve had Ulcerative Colitis for 15 years and it had always been manageable with meds and would go into remission for 2 or more years at a time. At the time of my release I was experiencing abdominal pain and knew something wasn’t right. I told them over and over, but went home as I was told. Within a few weeks I was back in the ER with severe pain and bloody stools. I was put on Remicade infusions for the UC. I was in and out of ER every couple weeks. After 7 months I refused to leave and finally someone tested for C Diff. I remembered they tested for it when I was admitted back in February and was negative. I didn’t know what it was so didn’t pay much attention. Now I’m completely disgusted with them for not checking during one of my 15 visits to the ER. They actually labeled me a “drug seeker” during this period. Now I can’t seem to shake the C Diff. First treatment was Flagyl and second of which I just finished was Vanco. So frustrated and have no idea where we are with the UC. Thanks for letting me vent!

    • Lori H -

      My daughter just had a fecal transplant, she is currently going through her 2nd bout of cdiff. The transplant helped last time. She’s lost 30 pounds in just a few months. Ask your infectious disease doctor about getting a fecal transplant!!

  • Janice Leach -

    Hi all I was just reading the posts here and the are helpful. I was diagnosed with C-Diff 2 months ago after suffering with all the symptoms for 3 months before they figured it out. I was on Flagyl fo 10 days and the Vanco for 14. The lastest tests show that there are no signs of the C-diff However, the symptoms have slowed down somewhat but I still can not digest food properly or be very far from the bathroom. Anyone have a suggestion

    • Monica Milem -

      I have fought for Five month dropping from 175lbs to 113lbs but I learned to switch my diet quickly it is hard not to cry about it but I will give advice for the pain that has worked which I am and always have been against taking the indica strain of pot in tiny doses like four drags of a joint I hate smoking but I’m not running to the restroom throwing up 65 times a day or having diarrhea barely, begging god to have mercy on my body . I can work and life is liveable I crave vinegar flavors all the time to.

      • Joyce Johnson -

        What kind of diet are you on? I’m going crazy. I’ve had this for about 11 days so far and I just started meds a day and a half ago. I don’t understand how it’s 2016 and people have to go through this torture!! This is crazy. Any advise you have for me would be great. Thanks!

    • Sharon -

      I have found a probiotic that works very well for me. It is call Ultimate Flora which I found at Target and not expensive at all. Beforehand I thought I would have c- diff for the rest of my life, as I lived in the bathroom..

  • Judy Goodson -

    I was diagnosed with cdiff in May of this year. The first treatment was metrodiazonale for 10 days. Symptoms came back in 5 days. Second treatment was 14 days of metrdiazonale. Symptoms returned in six days. All the while I took probiotics along with the medicine. The last treatment was an 8week round of taper pulse vancomycin. It has been 3 weeks since I finished the medicine. No symptoms have recurred, so I am hoping that I am in “remission”. I am 70 years old and praying that I don’t have to be on an antibiotic ever again. Just want to encourage anyone going through this to keep up your spirits. It took 4 months for me to get back to normal. If the symptoms return anytime soon, I am prepared to have a fecal transplant–anything to fight this monster. Just know you are not alone and there is hope.

  • Rich -

    Be cafurl taking flaygel for c diff it gave me Steven Johnson syndrome and u definitely don’t want that check it out ….just be carful

  • Mary Patton -

    I have cdif. No pain. My stools have not formed I have thick ,runny, orange.movrments. Does this mean I am confined to my home? I am tired but not in any pain.

    • Jo Call -

      You must have a very mild case of it. Because I’m going on my 3rd week but only diagnosed for 4 days and I’ve experienced raging diarrhea… Swelling of the abdomen, cramps, chills, fever and over all lethargic. . Haven’t worked in 3 weeks and possibly 4.

      • Jo Call -

        I would also like to say that before I got this I WASN’T on any antibiotics! So I’m afraid it’s not only caused by that…I have a weak immune system and catch everything that goes around. I do get alot of UTI’s and wondering if possibly the bacteria from that isn’t a culprit.

      • Kathryn merchant -

        Iv had c diff twice in auguist and in October I had trouble eating four a week I was on vacromisuon know I am ok I saw my Gastronoligist I go back in two Months four a follow up

      • Michele Keller -

        I’m so happy to have stumbled onto this site (as I lay in my bed with a puppy-pad stuffed in my underwear). I’ve been dealing with horrible intestinal problems for the past several months, but was just diagnosed with C Diff about a week ago. About 5 months ago I was hospitalized for 3 weeks due to a kidney infection, and was on 5 different antibiotics – so that’s probably the culprit behind me developing this illness. I’m just looking for some moral support from this site…I’m getting very depressed because I’ve missed a tremendous amount of work due to my concern over my inability to control my bowels. (I’ve soiled myself so badly that I’ve had to wash myself off outside with the garden house because I didn’t want to remove my clothing in the house). Thanks for letting me vent my frustration!

  • Nins Tanti -

    Just been diagnosed with C diff after taking antibiotics following dental surgery. Don’t have that many symptoms except some nausea, lightheadedness and loose stools. I’m afraid the Flagyl will just make me sicker (has horrendous side effects). I’m taking lots of probiotics. Any chance the Cdiff will just go away on its own with probiotics, garlic, vitamin C, etc?
    Besides, it seems to come back even with the antibiotics! Thanks.

    • Deborah McCool -

      As Doctor to switch from flagyls to vancomycin. Got yeast infection, but the antibiotic helped some. Still having cramps and n desire to eat. Housebound, cause I’m afraid to go out!

  • Elaine Robinson -

    I have cdiff . I’m very sick at this point. I’ve been
    taking Flagler since Thursday. Can’t stay from bathroom. My blook cells has dropped very low. I have been told water and gator aidea and bananas and ŕice aND Acticta yoyort. I’m very weak. Any suggestions for any food. Please. How long does it last. Need help. First time!!!

    • Kinsley Leighton -

      Ive had C Diff twice and im on my third time currently. Ive been on every antibiotic and now i need a fecal transplant or surgery to get my large intestines removed. Drink pedialite and take probiotics. Oatmeal is also very good for GI problems. It helps with healing. I cant eat anything spicy. Ive ate unseasoned fish and brown rice every time. Get Danon plain yogurt, not flavored. It have good bacteria in it. You can get some fruit to put in it because it isnt the best tasting. Hope you heal soon. Praying for you!

  • Wanda -

    I’ve endured so many bouts of c-diff but wanted to tell anyone who hasn’t heard of tried it, that Xifaxan, 2 of the 550 mg per day for 10 days brought me the first effective results with one dose. I’ve seen so many doctors and few will try hard to resolve this terrible issue.
    My druggist was the first one, 2015, to suggest Xifaxan which I requested and worked last year. I had insurance that covered the cost then but in 2016 do not have drug ins that covers (thank you so very, very much Obamacare for your destructive works).
    I have just acquired c-diff again in 2016 and am having a really difficult time. My ins only covers Microconizole but after 5 days, have yet to see results.
    It is so sad that this disease is so prevalent and so little is being done to help.
    Hope the Xifaxan helps someone who can afford or ins does cover.

    • Cindy Dale -

      There is a coupon for Xifaxan (instant savings card)….go to Xifaxan’s web site…. make SURE it is the official website for Xifaxan. I’ve had the best results with Xifaxan, too.

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  • Timothy Ramos -

    I suffer from cdiff and when it was first diagnosed, it was due to taking 4 types of antibiotics over a month time for an infection they found was staph resistant and needed surgery. After being on Flagiyl for a while and many probiotics it went away. Only to reappear a week or so later. They then tried Vancomycin for 10 days, and again it reappeared. They then tried Vancomycin for 14 days and continuous flaygl 4 times a day, and I thought it was over because I hadn’t had any loose stools for almost 3 weeks. Although I have been off the Vancomycin, I am still on the Flagyl. But now, the day before yesterday I started having loose stools again. Last night stomach cramping started right before the stools and today I feel as if it is back with a vengeance. I will be careful babe back in the hospital to test again, but I am pretty sure it will be careful babe positive. I think issue is that I also have Multiple Sclerosis, causing immune system to not be careful babe the greatest. I’m horrified at this point, only thinking the worst, and a future colostomy bag, due to the damage to my colon, because before my diagnosis I had this for over two months because stools although loose, are like syrup and would be careful babe refused by the lab because they didn’t completely form to the cup as the cup, as they are you on your way home now. I believe it is because I am on a high amount of narcotics due to severe pain and being in a wheelchair after Iraq. So Toxic Mega Colon is always on mind. I would urge anyone who has been on Antibiotics for a long time and those who have been in the hospital a long time and now those in daycare setting and hospital work to continually eat yogurt, probiotics and maintain great, not good, but great sanitary conditions, by washing your hands and ensuring those around you do the same. Because this horrible bacteria is kind of like a Rolly Polly in the way that whenever it senses you trying to kill it, it protects itself in a type of hard shell, and then once it senses the attack is over, it unprotects itself and begins its assault once again. I hope this helps someone understand the seriousness of this bug. For those of you out there who are Christian, I ask for your prayers. God bless. if there are any questions email is .

  • Jen -

    I am currently waiting on test results to come back to see if I have C Diff. Just by everything I have read in the past 3 days, I am scared to death and hoping that I do not have it. I have not read one single positive outcome from having C Diff. I have not read where one person took the Flagyl or Vanco and came out okay. More than 90% of what I have read on respectable sites such as Johns Hopkins, Mayo Clinic and Cleveland clinic, folks have had many recurrences of this. It kind of makes me think that it changes your whole life to where you can never go back to work, or you can never hang out with your family or your friends, you can never go out to dinner, etc. This scares the shit out of me – no pun intended. Why hasn’t the medical community taken more notice of this? Why hasn’t the medical community done more to assist with prevention and not using so much antibiotics and such? All of this crap I have been reading is ridiculous.

  • Danialle -

    I was diagnosed six days ago with c diff. The pain was severe and lots of blood but since I work in the Hosp I knew the symptoms and went immediately after first loose bowel. But I was still admitted since I’m preg but they started me on vanc then changed it to flagyl then back to vanc and now flagyl all in sox days I pray to god that won’t screw my recovery I just want this over I bleached every part of my house stopped the antibiotics I was on before and am super careful with handwasging I’m so scared it will hang on forever though.

  • Jenn -

    I babysit in my home. I just received a call from a mother whom told me her son was just diagnosed with C Diff. Down side..he has been in my home for the last 2 weeks with my children. I try to promote good hand washing habits but I know 5 year olds too well…I’m sure they are not good enough. My question is how long does it take to contract C Diff and what are the symptoms?

  • Brenda -

    I stopped all the symptoms of severe intestinal infection by taking high doses of Vitamin C. I have used high doses of C for numerous ailments and have learned about “bowel tolerance” doses which cure plenty: shingles for one example. My aim was to reach bowel tolerance to treat the intestinal infection. I took 10 grams (10,000 miligrams) every 15 minutes by the clock and was surprised that it didn’t even produce gas, which indicated a severe toxin which was using up very high amounts of Vit C. This was several months ago so I don’t remember how long it was before I reached bowel tolerance and started cutting back on the dose. I had not taken antibiotics but had visited someone in the hospital about 3 months prior to symptoms becoming severe. I am now more cognizant of bowel health and take probiotics and also use raw garlic frequently as it is supposed to have antibiotic actions but without side effects…well other than your breath. I mince garlic and add to soups, stews, etc. and to my amazement have acquired a taste for it and enjoy eating it as opposed to eating it as “medicine.” The intestinal malady cure has added to my belief that when nothing else works then very high doses of Vit C are the way to go. Please research for yourself. Just google: Vitamin C bowel tolerance. And while you’re searching try Vitamin D, and also Magnesium Deficiency. Here’s to getting your life back!

  • Badskippie -

    this is my very first bout of C-Diff, but as a nurse, I have taken care of many patients with this.

    my back hurts but it’s from the constant up and down and sitting on the john that has caused this. i doubt your back is any indication of continued infection.

    as for your stomach, that is more likely due to the long and varied courses of antibiotics and other pills you are taking as the C-Diff lives in your colon. (however, i must point out that your transverse and ascending colon are in front of your stomach, you may be hearing those rumbling and not your actual stomach). however, bowel sounds are good, that means things are working. again, i would not take the gurgling as any indication one way or the other of continued infection. the only true test, is a LAB test.

  • Natalie -

    My 2-yr-old was diagnosed with c-diff on April 2nd (she was sick for 2 or 3 weeks before someone tested her for that.) We started her on Flagyl but when she was done with that she still was not doing real well. Our dr. is wonderful and has been working with us on this but it is very frustrating for us because she is still having a lot of the symptoms (except fever.) Now she is getting an ear infection and we can’t give her anything for it or she’ll get very sick. Currently, she is on Zantac to stop acid production and to try to reset her system. Are there any foods that you found you should/shouldn’t avoid during the healing process? For a baby, should we expect that it will take several weeks to get her back to normal?

  • Pinkylee -

    I been having cdiff since September 2009. I have been on Flagyl the first 2 times, for 10 days both times. Then I was put on vanco for 14 days and the cdiff return. Now I am back on vanco, my doctor put me on it 125mg 4xday for 7 days, then 2xday for 7 days, then 1xday for 7 days, then every other day for 7 days, then every 3 days for 7 days. I only have one more pill to take and that is this Sunday and I will be finished. I really hope that this work. I am taking Florastor and Culturelle. For the first two weeks back on vanco I was only taking florastor 250mg twice daily but now I am taking 250mg 4xdaily and taking culturelle twice daily. I only have one more pill to take, but my stomach still gurgling sometimes and my back hurts sometimes does that means that the cdiff is still there, or it just mean that the body is trying to heal itself. Can anyone give me some suggestion about this. Thanks Pinkylee.

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