Should I take my antibiotics?

Relapses everytime I take antibiotics

Because antibiotics seem to cause relapses in my C Diff, I have sworn to my family and friends that I won’t take antibiotics again unless it is life and death.  Everytime I have taken antibiotics since my first bout, I “get” C Diff all over again.

Common Cold

A week ago I had had a common cold for a week.  Then I started getting better.  Ok, cool, moving on into the Christmas season.  Then, I got worse with a fever and nasal congestion.  My thoughts, we’re “Uh oh, bacterial sinusitus?”  For 5 days more it got so bad that I could just moan from bed to my wife.  With a 102 fever I took some sick days.

Doctor demanded I take antibiotics

So, I went to the doctor and told him that I don’t want antibiotics, but I don’t want to put my life at risk for not taking them too.  He said, “If you don’t eat the bacteria, my fear is that it will eat you.  And you will be in some very bad shape.”  Bacterial sinusitus usually clears by itself, but sometimes it spreads to surrounding areas, like eyes, and even brain.

He understood my worries and my refusal to take antibiotics.  But, the choice was up to me.

So, I let him prescribe a Z-Pak (azithromycin) for me and I would decide by the end of the day whether to pick it up.

Should I take them?  NOT YET.

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  • Casey Jay -

    I was bitten by an animal on the finger, it became infected and the Dr advised an antibiotic…I was hesitant as I had had an awful introduction to c diff in the spring and had a few inches on my intestine removed and almost died. After only 3 days of antibiotics I started having severe cramps and diahrrea…I have discontinued the antiobiotic. The cramps and diahrrea left me with in twelve hours, but I still feel off. I do not need another bout of the nightmare.

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