Should I take antibiotics? [Part 3]

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I asked for more antibiotics

I’m still on antibiotics and I’m concerned about relapsing with C Diff.  However, the great news is that I actually requested a second round of anitbiotics (Z-Pak/Azithromycin) since my sinus infection was starting to come back and I was free of C Diff so far.

When I stopped the first round of antibiotics the hint of C Diff symptoms quit within 48 hours.  But as I started the second round of azithromycin I, daily noticed a few more hints.

Cramps and Urges Return

I am on day 4 of my second round of Z-Pak for a couple of days now I have been getting the familiar cramps and feelings of “needing to go”.  They have gotten a bit worse everyday.  I’m to the point that I worry I may be losing the battle to an onset of C Diff.  I have no diarrhea yet though, thank God!

I’m quitting the antibiotic

I think I’m going to stop the antibiotic.  This goes against conventional wisdom, I know, but it is my second round and the antibiotic’s half life indicates that it should continue working for a few days after I stop using it.   It should continue working and I won’t be pummeling my intestines with direct contact of the swallowed antibiotic.

What would be worse?  I return visit of C Diff right now or a possible return visit of a sinus infection?

So, the plan is to quit the antibiotic and double up on probiotics.

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