C Diff – How to win and what's wrong with healthcare!

So, here is my idea for this site…

I survived a over a year of struggling with C Diff.  Multiple treatments from physicians alone failed.  I had to be sick with fever during the birth of our first child with no treatment available and the worry that I would be one of the 3%.

Do you own research and find products that appear to work, according to clinical studies, that physicians all but ignore.  Well using two products in ways I’ll describe I was able to put C Diff out of my daily life!

Lactobacillus GG and Florastor.

Timing relative to Vancomycin or Metronidazole doses and pulsing.

This is a huge problem in the world and look at these stats… X% die from it, X% of hospitals have it everyday, X% of inpatients get it (good luck).

And it’s getting worse, X% of outpatients not on abx get it, and X% of people have variants that have become resistant to all possible abx!

First, get well.

Then, join a cause for keeping hospitals and physicians responsible for staying clean.

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  • JennyA -

    Hi Russ-Glad you are doing so well and sharing your tips with other C.diff sufferers. I am from Scotland and caught the dreaded bug after a hemicolectomy-a VERY dangerous scenario.

    Like you I researched everything I could find about C.diff. I was told to take those probiotic yogurt drinks on discharge from hospital. They helped but of course probiotics can only help to prevent damage; they cannot heal the existing damage.

    That was 18months ago and as far as I know I have had no recurrence of C.diff although I often get diarrhoea. (Most post pseudomembranous colitis victims have SOME long term effects, including IBS and food intolerances.) I take a combined vitamin/probiotic tablet daily and when I get diarrhoea I take Saccharomyces boulardii,(sold under the brand name Diarsafe here and Florastor in the US) Lactobacillus rhamnosus GG is sold here under the Culturelle brand name.

    I think the best use of probiotics is in prevention. There have been clinical trials here in the UK where hospital patients considered vulnerable to C.diff were given probiotic drinks. A far smaller number of them caught C.diff compared with the placebo group.
    Food for thought??

    Keep well all you C. differs!!
    Jenny A

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