Fidaxomicin (formerly OPT-80, PAR-101 or Difimicin)

It looks like “Fidaxomicin (formerly OPT-80, PAR-101 or Difimicin),” is still looking very promising so be sure to keep searching for its new name, Fidaxomicin. [1]  Again, Fidaxomicin is a new drug soon to complete its last studies before applying for FDA approval.  It has been shown, so far, to a tiny bit more effective than Vancomycin and with a LOWER relapse rate.

The company’s maker, Optimer Pharmaceuticals, sounds very confident of the drug’s future too:  “If the second trial is as successful as the first trial, we intend to use these studies to support the filing of a new drug application, or NDA, for U.S. registration as soon as practical thereafter.” [2]  And I am flat out excited to have a new option for all of us C Diff patients!


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