Should I take antibiotics? [Part 4]

Off Antibiotics – No More Cramps or Urges It has been 3 days of not taking the antibiotic now (Azithromycin/Z-Pak).  Within 24 hours of skipping the last dose, and doubling up on the probiotics for a day, I was feeling less cramping and urges that were identical to the prior C Diff bouts I’d had.  […]

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Should I take antibiotics? [Part 3]

Part 1 of this article can be found here. Part 2 of this article can be found here. I asked for more antibiotics I’m still on antibiotics and I’m concerned about relapsing with C Diff.  However, the great news is that I actually requested a second round of anitbiotics (Z-Pak/Azithromycin) since my sinus infection was […]

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Should I take my antibiotics?

Relapses everytime I take antibiotics Because antibiotics seem to cause relapses in my C Diff, I have sworn to my family and friends that I won’t take antibiotics again unless it is life and death.  Everytime I have taken antibiotics since my first bout, I “get” C Diff all over again. Common Cold A week […]

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