C Diff Infection – Hypervirulent NAP1 Strain and Fidaxomicin

There are multiple strains of C Diff floating around our hospitals and this one is pretty scary.  “This NAP1 strain has a genetic change that results in literally 16 to 23 times more toxin,” says William Jarvis, MD according to an excellent recent College of American Pathologists article [1].  In the same article, L. Clifford […]

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Fidaxomicin (formerly OPT-80, PAR-101 or Difimicin)

It looks like “Fidaxomicin (formerly OPT-80, PAR-101 or Difimicin),” is still looking very promising so be sure to keep searching for its new name, Fidaxomicin. [1]  Again, Fidaxomicin is a new drug soon to complete its last studies before applying for FDA approval.  It has been shown, so far, to a tiny bit more effective […]

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Opt-80 Higher Cure and Lower Relapse Rates

According to TheStreet.com [1], top-line results of Optimer’s phase III Opt-80 study are demonstrating higher cure rates and lower relapse rates when compared to vancomycin. Cure Rates Similar If you ask me, the cure rates were similar (88% versus 86%), but this is still fantastic news.  Currently, there are two antibiotics being widely used to […]

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